Thank You’s

Our big, big, massive thanks to our Patreon backers who, for some reason, decided to throw money at us!

Since we reached the $5 per episode milestone (which also is the only milestone we’ve been able to think of so far), we are honoring our promise to create this special tribute page where we can thank our backers. Every single one of them!

So, here we go. Thank you, in alphabetical order, to:

  • Mike Ball
  • Michael Counsell
  • Konstantinos Dimopoulos
  • Tomer Gabel
  • Francisco Gonzalez
  • Joe Mastroianni
  • Shawn Mills
  • Mike Pyzik
  • Kevin Wallace

We love you! In a very platonic way, of course, but we do love you.

If you would like to get on this list, for whatever reason, please visit our Patreon page and donate to our unworthy cause.