The podcast comes in two flavors: audio and video — but, much like the difference between playing Myst and standing around flipping a switch in a factory all day, the differences between the two are ultimately superficial. Read more about it here.

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Since September 2015, the audio podcast of Back Seat Designers is hosted right here on this site, thanks to the eternal benevolence of our compatriot, Gareth Millward (thanks, G-man!). Go to hell, Podbean!

That means you can stream and download the episodes directly from here. You can also use iTunes, RSS or Stitcher Radio to get the latest episodes pumped straight into the podcast listening device of your choice.

The easiest way to subscribe is to just use the “subscribe” links at the bottom of each post. Okay, fine, here they are:

Alternatively, you can go to There, you will find links to subscribe with your iPhone or Android devices.

We have no idea what Stitcher Radio actually is, but we’re on it, and we hear people use it in their cars or some shit. So, if you want to subscribe with Stitcher, the link is

Or, if you’re picky…

Perhaps you prefer the thoughtful discussions of important issues on Back Seat Designers. Maybe you yearn for the thrilling, fast-paced action of Open Crowd Source. It’s unlikely, as these things don’t exist. But, fear not! Because you can – if you like – subscribe solely to one show or the other.

The podcast on YouTube

All episodes of Open Crowd Source have video to go along with them, so you can actually see us sit around and bitch at each other. We taped the episodes using Google Hangouts-on-Air, meaning they were in fact broadcast live — and with a live audience (the IRC channel).

Season 2 of Back Seat Designers was also taped this way, so you can actually watch Troels and Fred engage in drunken bickering. (This was before Gareth joined the show.)

From season 3 onwards, we no longer record episodes live, and we don’t use Hangouts anymore, so there are no facecams of us. The episodes still go up on our YouTube page, but just with a static image all the way through the video.

Season 1 is only available in audio format and is not on YouTube. Mainly because we’re a bit embarrassed.

Fun fact: You can still watch the original Season 2 shows without the intro/outro edits, complete with silly dancing during where the intro was supposed to go, if you follow the YouTube-links in the announcement posts.