Open Crowd Source – Home Edition

We know; watching Open Crowd Source is pretty fun. We like to think so, anyway. But what if you wanted to play it yourself?

Now you can! Presenting: Open Crowd Source – Home Edition!

Open Crowd Source - Home Edition


Download Open Crowd Source – Home Edition v1.0


Download the exe somewhere on your hard drive (preferably in a folder of its own). When you run the program for the first time, it will unpack a readme.txt and a card deck template. It will also create a sub-folder named “Decks” where card decks are stored.


  • Play with all the cards from Open Crowd Source season 1
  • Create and play with your own custom decks
  • Fun at parties

System requirements

The OCS Machine will run on any modern Windows 7 – 10 system. It runs on .NET 4.5, but that comes bundled with Windows 7 and up, as far as we know, so you should be good to go.

No, it does not run on Mac, Linux, your toaster oven, or Windows XP.

License and copyright

The OCS Machine is free and open source!

View the damn thing on Github right here.