Open Crowd Source

Open Crowd Source

Presenting the spin-off show you’ve always wanted but never knew you needed: Open Crowd Source, the interactive random-element brainstorming session of spectacularness.

Designing an adventure game shouldn’t be boring. In fact, we know it isn’t. But it sounds like it. So we decided to show the world that coming up with gaming gold can be fun!

Using highly sophisticated computer technology (okay, it’s this app thing Fred put together), contestants are given four random cards that are to form the basis of an adventure game idea. As the clock ticks down, brains will be wracked as the contestants brainstorm their way to the semblance of a game based on these four random elements.

Each week, we have a special guest contestant to participate alongside our main three hosts — Frederik Olsen, Troels Pleimert and Gareth Millward — for an adventure game design tornado like you’ve never seen before.

The first episode aired live on YouTube on August 22nd, 2015, with season 2 following quickly in November 2015.

The episodes are recorded live and broadcast on YouTube — check our YouTube channel for the schedule and guest list.


Original idea by: Gareth Millward
Programming: Frederik Olsen
Graphics: Lone Merete Jensen
Theme music: Thomas Arnt Jensen
Promotional graphics: Kevin Wallace
Did nothing useful at all: Troels Pleimert

All sound effects derive from, and are licensed under Creative Commons 0.

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