Open Crowd Source S1E7 – Natalie “Resulka” Juhasz

Just to be clear up front, this is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen.


And things don’t get much better once the show gets rolling. Basically, we’re–

Who am I kidding? It’s the season finale, bitches!!!

We’re allowed to get crazy once in a while. And we certainly fucking do in this episode! Thankfully, our guest is no stranger to wildly inappropriate humor. It’s none other than Natalie “Fucking Unpronounceable Last Name” Juhasz, better known as Resulka on Twitter, lead honcho over at ReVenture Games, where shit like this happens:

No, fuck YOU, lady! Girl. Whatever.
No, fuck YOU, lady! Girl. Whatever.

At any rate, be prepared for a rambunctious and wildly inappropriate season finale wherein we take a very serious subject matter and actually do something potentially worthwhile with it — but wrap everything in strangely erotic, inappropriate banter. If you consider plunger rape erotic, that is.

Watch the debauchery unfold here:

And that is IT for this season (or series) of Open Crowd Source! We will, of course, be back soon with even more spectacular guest contestants and more hilariously awful humor about child molesters and the human worth of Australians. So, if you would like to be part of the show, please get in touch with us and we’ll almost certainly not tell you no!

And a big-ass fucking THANK YOU to everyone who watched the show and participated! We’re so fucking glad you tuned in, and we’ll try extra hard to disappoint you in season two!!!

Open Crowd Source S1E6 – Diana Rose

It wasn’t easy, but we refuse to let the Open Crowd Source Machine get the better of us. So, this time we had to ask ourselves some tough questions: What’s an elf doing in Providence, birthplace of H.P. Lovecraft? What kind of elf is it? And why does he rob banks all of a sudden?

Partially responsible for this weird stream of consciousness is YouTuber Diana Rose, a.k.a. Retrogaming Rose, who did her best to cope with the sheer mountain-sized avalanche of weirdness tumbling in her direction. What’s even more impressive, though, is that she kept her cool, and that we actually managed to get something semi-coherent out of it!

And that’s despite some truly evil twists thrown in our direction by the end of it, not least of all because it ended up having something to do with Paul Giamatti in a Santa suit.

I'm in what now?
I’m in what now?

You would do well to watch the madness unfold on our YouTube channel because of the extra audio/visuel enhancements:

But you can, of course, also check out the audio version of this with the player below, or through whatever podcast listening device you’re infatuated with.

And be sure to check out our new bestest pal in the whole widest world, Diana Rose, on her YouTube channel, which — as she says — is about to pick up in a grand way! We’re very grateful she took the time to grace our silly little show, and we wish her much success in the future. Because what we wish comes true; we all know that.

Well, there isn’t much more to say about this than what the show itself won’t already tell you. Except that, oddly, “raping an entire grade school” may be a slightly offensive joke. I should probably apologize for that, but I’m not going to.

Next week, it’s the season finale! And it’s on a Saturday, not a Sunday. Please check the schedule on our YouTube channel to set a reminder and all that jazz. And you really should, because our season finale features none other than Natalie “My Last Name Is Unpronounceable” Juhasz of ReVenture Games fame!

Until then, keep safe and stop touching that. No, really. You’ll go blind.

Open Crowd Source S1E5 – Josh Mandel

The Open Crowd Source Machine has shown us some quite spectacular things thus far. We have seen the Pope from Boston busting for a piss. We have seen Gandhi swim across the Pacific. We have been to an East German antique shop with a serial masturbator. We have gazed upon punk chicks in Mexican food. So where do we go from here?

The only logical answer, of course, is that we co-design a game with Josh Mandel – he of Sierra fame – in which Adolf Hitler’s chain-smoking brain is watched over by evil alien overlords in an underground Gobi Desert complex. There’s also a dim-witted protagonist, a smoking camel (geddit?) brandishing a yarmulke band-aid, and lots of puzzles involving sand.

“Mein Gott, I vas die ruler of Europe! Pleeze stop referring to me as ‘Lung Kanzler’!”

I do not exaggerate when I write – with all due respect to our wonderful guests so far – that this is the best episode of Open Crowd Source as of yet. Plain and simple, this is exactly why we’re doing the show. We were dealt a completely ridiculous hand of cards, and yet, we were able to come up with a skeletal design that, quite frankly, left all of us in awe.

The whole brainstorm, replete with Laura Mandel giving Gene Simmons a run for his money, is available on YouTube:

I think I speak for all three of us when I say that we’re beyond grateful for Josh wanting to join us. You’re no doubt familiar with the man’s previous work, but should you want to stay up-to-date on his current activities, do yourself a favour and look up the game Ember, which Josh is currently working on for N-Fusion Interactive.

That’s it for this week. I’m gonna go put the Open Crowd Source Machine back into the garage where it shall remain until next week, where we’ll be joined by YouTuber Diana Rose. The final stream link for that episode, if Google permits, is already available on our YouTube channel:

Until then, please feel free to design a game about Adolf Hitler and smoking camels. Peace out.

Open Crowd Source S1E4 – Jess Morrissette and Serena Nelson

For once blissfully unaffected by any major technical screwups (save for Jess’ minor pre-show problems getting his mic to work, but you viewers/listeners will be blissfully spared of that), the Open Crowd Source train rolls once again.

With Gareth once again taking the reins as sprechstallmeister (but don’t you dare call him Mr. Clarkson!), we welcome two dear friends — Jess Morrissette and Serena Nelson — to the show. As the Open Crowd Source Machine throws four cards at us involving a punk chick, a home renovation, and a taco, Jess jumps right in with both feet trying to make sense of it all, whereas Serena appears more preoccupied with the ingredients of said taco.

It isn’t long, however, before everyone involved has sketched out a surprisingly comprehensive tale of supernatural taco monsters and funeral homes — and even somehow manage to squeeze in a unicorn pony. Seriously. It makes even less sense when I type it out, but have a listen yourself and you’ll see.


Of course, you can view the whole thing in glorious color motion right here:

Despite me staying uncharacteristically sober throughout the whole thing (my belly was doing samba noises that the microphone mercifully failed to pick up, so I stuck to diet cola for this episode), an amazing good time was still had by all.

Jury’s still out which of our guests had the most inappropriate joke — Jess’ “pony taco” or Serena claiming she could somehow “fit a pony” (we’ll let your imaginations wander on that one) — we do know that Jess gets unfair extra points for putting his way-too-young-for-this-shit daughter on camera and introducing Fred as “Scarecrow” right to her face!

You can check out Serena’s writings over at Cliqist and KickstartVentures, as well as her name in the “thank you” part of pretty much any indie adventure currently out there. Meanwhile, Jess created the first ever computer game fansite back in 1995, Roger Wilco’s Virtual Broomcloset, and it’s still online! He also made the two Pledge Quest games with Jess “Akril” Beebe, and the game Late Last Nite with a bunch of friends (including all three hosts of OCS! #ethics).

And check out Zack Morrissette (no relation) and his epic tale, Tacos of the Damned, because we’re still reeling from the fact that that actually exists.

As an added bonus, check out a gallery of all the Serena memes we had prepared for the episode when Gareth was running down the comprehensive list of all the games she’d backed on Kickstarter!

Too Damn High!

Next week, we welcome none other than Josh Mandel, veteran adventure game designer for Sierra On-Line, Legend Entertainment and more, to the show! Stay tuned for an official announcement. Now RIDE THAT UNICORN PONY! RIDE IT!

Open Crowd Source S1E3 – Brian and Bianca Devins & Shawn Mills

Please allow me to entertain you with a brief appetiser before we haul in the main course. Google, by now one of the most famous tech companies of history, is known for many things. They have revolutionised the way we use the Internet, and admirably continue to do so. They have provided free email and cloud-based storage space for the unwashed masses. An operating system largely of Google’s design is powering a vast number of the computing devices that link us all together in a vast network where we can all harness the greatest achievements of the human mind, and learn, grow, and evolve, as we stumble through the darkness, together.

In short, you would never expect Google to be comprised of a bunch of sadistic fucking shitheads who take pleasure in completely ruining a promising podcast. Yet, that is exactly what happened yesterday. At least, I am reserving the freedom to think so. Evidence and more copious swearing coming your way after the break.

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