Open Crowd Source S2E2 – Jacob Janerka

Is Jacob sitting on his butt? Well, at the time of writing, he is not. He is actually sound asleep, having just participated in the second episode of season two of “Open Crowd Source”.

It's worse than you think.
It’s worse than you think.

For some odd reason, Jacob was looking forward to his guest appearance on our show to the point where he sat down at 2 AM to join us. Furthermore, the poor guy ran headfirst into a barrage of audio and lag issues. It’s almost as if Google hates Australians, isn’t it?

But then something magic happened; as if recognising the troubles Jacob was going through to be there, the Open Crowd Source Machine spat out just the right cards to cater to our guest’s insane imagination and drawing chops. Specifically, we wound up with a game about a bunch of Australian schoolchildren accidentally killing their teacher with the aid of a venomous spider, propping his dead body up on rollerblades and puppeteering his mortal remains in an effort to romance the school principal.

Yes, you read all of that right, believe it or not. You can watch us all have a laugh over the sheer insanity of this game design here:

I personally recommend that you go for the video version, even if you prefer listening to the audio version normally. Jacob’s concept art for this game, and our reaction to it, is not to be missed. And if you are as infatuated with the way this man’s brain works as we are, go pre-order his adventure game “Paradigm”. There’s even a demo for you to play, proving that the people down under certainly do work in mysterious ways.

We will be back with more “Open Crowd Source” next week! Till then, try not to eat any Redback spiders.

Open Crowd Source S2E1 – Chris Pope

Quantum mechanics? String theory? Alternate futures? Well-respected, Nobel Prize-winning physicians? Sorry, physicists. Yep, it’s all here!

Welcome, dear friends, to the premiere of Open Crowd Source – Season 2! The show that nearly wasn’t there.

Niels Bohr

Let me explain. It’s a lazy Sunday, around 11.30am. Morning light is seeping through the windows. I spent yesterday night drinking an entire case of beer on my own, so at this point I’m still fast asleep. But I’m awakened rudely by a person knocking on my door, collecting for god knows what. I slam the door in their face, fully intending on going back to sleep.

Then I vaguely remember there was something I was supposed to be doing. I check my phone. Fred and Gareth are writing me on Facebook, telling me to get my ass in Google Hangouts so we can do the show. I check my calendar and the show schedule. Then I curse silently.

I open up the Hangout, just in time for the clock to strike 12. I look like shit, which is apt because I feel like it, too. Gareth is quick to notice this, and he’s laughing his ass off at my scruffy appearance.

Our guest of honor, however, is nowhere to be found. That’s when it dawns on us that 7am EST is not 12 o’clock in Danish time. It’s actually 1pm. More cursing, this time not silently.

We reconvene an hour later. I look a bit more human, and our guest — punctual and polite as always — has already joined. He has no idea of the turmoil that took place just an hour ago, but Gareth is quick to fill him in, still laughing his ass off.

And then this happens:

Our gigantic thanks to Mr. Pope for getting up at an ungodly hour (7am is ungodly to us) and making this a very special and enjoyable season premiere!

Go check out Cluck Yegger at, pre-order SpaceVenture at (coming November 2016!), and follow the Pope himself at and!

And, as always, add a pony!

The Open Crowd Source Machine – now in the comfort of your own living room

Ever wish you could play Open Crowd Source at home? Well, now you can!

As we’re gearing up for a kick-ass season 2, we’re also releasing the now infamous Open Crowd Source Machine so you can have your own OCS parties right at home! Or wherever you have parties. Really, we don’t judge.

This version, in addition to being more stable than the one we used on the show, also lets you play your own decks! We’ve included the deck we used in season 1, but you can also create your own decks and play with them. There’s instructions included in the download.

Check out the new download page to get this bad boy!

Oh, and if you end up creating custom decks of your own, please send them to us! We would love to have a growing database of OCS decks for people to play. Movies, tv shows, other types of games than adventure games — it’s all up to you.

Open Crowd Source S1E7 – Natalie “Resulka” Juhasz

Just to be clear up front, this is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen.


And things don’t get much better once the show gets rolling. Basically, we’re–

Who am I kidding? It’s the season finale, bitches!!!

We’re allowed to get crazy once in a while. And we certainly fucking do in this episode! Thankfully, our guest is no stranger to wildly inappropriate humor. It’s none other than Natalie “Fucking Unpronounceable Last Name” Juhasz, better known as Resulka on Twitter, lead honcho over at ReVenture Games, where shit like this happens:

No, fuck YOU, lady! Girl. Whatever.
No, fuck YOU, lady! Girl. Whatever.

At any rate, be prepared for a rambunctious and wildly inappropriate season finale wherein we take a very serious subject matter and actually do something potentially worthwhile with it — but wrap everything in strangely erotic, inappropriate banter. If you consider plunger rape erotic, that is.

Watch the debauchery unfold here:

And that is IT for this season (or series) of Open Crowd Source! We will, of course, be back soon with even more spectacular guest contestants and more hilariously awful humor about child molesters and the human worth of Australians. So, if you would like to be part of the show, please get in touch with us and we’ll almost certainly not tell you no!

And a big-ass fucking THANK YOU to everyone who watched the show and participated! We’re so fucking glad you tuned in, and we’ll try extra hard to disappoint you in season two!!!

Open Crowd Source S1E6 – Diana Rose

It wasn’t easy, but we refuse to let the Open Crowd Source Machine get the better of us. So, this time we had to ask ourselves some tough questions: What’s an elf doing in Providence, birthplace of H.P. Lovecraft? What kind of elf is it? And why does he rob banks all of a sudden?

Partially responsible for this weird stream of consciousness is YouTuber Diana Rose, a.k.a. Retrogaming Rose, who did her best to cope with the sheer mountain-sized avalanche of weirdness tumbling in her direction. What’s even more impressive, though, is that she kept her cool, and that we actually managed to get something semi-coherent out of it!

And that’s despite some truly evil twists thrown in our direction by the end of it, not least of all because it ended up having something to do with Paul Giamatti in a Santa suit.

I'm in what now?
I’m in what now?

You would do well to watch the madness unfold on our YouTube channel because of the extra audio/visuel enhancements:

But you can, of course, also check out the audio version of this with the player below, or through whatever podcast listening device you’re infatuated with.

And be sure to check out our new bestest pal in the whole widest world, Diana Rose, on her YouTube channel, which — as she says — is about to pick up in a grand way! We’re very grateful she took the time to grace our silly little show, and we wish her much success in the future. Because what we wish comes true; we all know that.

Well, there isn’t much more to say about this than what the show itself won’t already tell you. Except that, oddly, “raping an entire grade school” may be a slightly offensive joke. I should probably apologize for that, but I’m not going to.

Next week, it’s the season finale! And it’s on a Saturday, not a Sunday. Please check the schedule on our YouTube channel to set a reminder and all that jazz. And you really should, because our season finale features none other than Natalie “My Last Name Is Unpronounceable” Juhasz of ReVenture Games fame!

Until then, keep safe and stop touching that. No, really. You’ll go blind.