S3E12 – Remakes and Reimagining

Why come up with an original idea when you can slap a new coat of paint on an old one?


OK, perhaps that’s a bit cynical. It’s not as if this is a new thing. Even Oul Ken Williams knew that remakes were a way to make a quick buck. And Oul Ken Williams was a flawless genius.

And besides. There’s actually good examples of remastered games that have brought the classics to new audiences. (Or, at the very least, allowed us to play those creaky old games on new systems.) And let’s spare a thought for the detailed fan remakes, that add new technologies while keeping all the things that made us love those games in the first place.

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S3E11 – Adventure Elements in Other Games

Gareth is off doing something more important today, so he has left me in charge of announcing this week’s episode. At least, that’s the reason he claimed. It’s quite fortuitous that I am able to comply, actually, having recently dodged a chance to check into Club 27. If you ever find yourself in Denmark, never allow anyone to treat you to “snaps”.

But my birthday is not what the episode is about. It’s about the birthday of a stallion much more magnificent than me: Man ‘o War!


However, it’s also about adventure game elements that have crept into other game genres over the years. Games like “Strife”, “Half-Life”, “Mass Effect”, “Don’t Starve”, etc. that have appropriated various design elements outside of their genre that they arguably owe to adventure games. You get the idea.

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S3E10 – Based on a True Story

Obviously, the first thing you’ll notice about this week’s episode is that it’s a day late. And you have every right to be angry. Furious, even. I know I speak on behalf of all of the Back Seat Designers in sharing your frustration. But, please, put the gun down. I know we can talk about this.

Ah. Now that that volatile situation has been defused, perhaps we can go into discussing the show on our hands. It’s about games based on true stories, and, no, the fact that it’s coming out on Easter is just pure coincidence; you’ll notice both Jesus and chocolate bunnies are entirely absent from this episo– oh, for god’s sake, I said put that gun down!

We can all coexist peacefully!
We can all coexist peacefully!

We were actually finding it quite hard coming up with real-life examples of games that are based on real historical events. Sure, it’s not like there aren’t any at all. But, really, does Custer’s Revenge or JFK: Reloaded shout “well-researched depiction of historical events” to you? Really?! Well, they don’t to us, god damn it!

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S3E9 – What Adventure Games Need to Stop Doing

glass house8

The back seat designers are about to start throwing stones up in this bitch.

We love adventure games, and the beautiful people that make them. But sometimes they have some really annoying habits. Yeah, we know. There are all sorts of constraints that designers and engineers have to labour under. Limited funds. Limited time. The need to collaborate between writers, artists, coders and publishers. Technological limits. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

Even so. We sometimes feel that you could have done something different. And three drunk Europeans are going to tell you exactly what you shoulda done.

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S3E8 – Unlikeable Protagonists

It’s Sunday, and while most major religions has that day down as a “sit around and twiddle your thumbs”-sort of affair, that means that we are hocking another golden loogie of bullshit wisdom into the ether for you to gag on.

This week’s subject is unlikeable protagonists in adventure games. Many of us are familiar with the antics of unlikeable protagonists and anti-heroes in other media. But which adventure games featured protagonists with an unethical streak, if not more (no, we aren’t blind to the irony here), and what did that do to the adventure game experience? Furthermore, how do you define an unlikeable protagonist? That’s what we’re here to find out.

"Gabriel Knight said WHAT?!"
“Gabriel Knight asked Grace to do WHAT?!”

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