S1E12 – Season Finale

The Back Seat Designers are both proud and just a little bit humble to welcome a roundtable of illustrious people to discuss pretty much every topic from this season. Listen to Frederik Olsen and Troels Pleimert debate moon logic, pet peeves and jamming inventory objects up rabbits’ asses with Steven Alexander (IQ Adventures), Francisco Gonzalez (Wadjet Eye Games), Scott Murphy (Guys From Andromeda LLC), Natalie Juhasz (Reventure Games) and Joe Mastroianni (Upper Memory Block podcast).

You can also watch the video version here!

It’s been a great season, everyone! Thank you so much for listening to us ramble about adventure games and we’re looking forward to another season of bitching about adventure games and telling people who are much smarter than us how to do their job.

S1E11 – Blowing Smoke Up Ron Gilbert’s Ass

The Back Seat Designers decide to elaborate on the promised Monkey Island episode with the introduction of a concept which Troels likes to call “Blowing Smoke Up X’s Ass” where X is a legendary (and, after each episode, traumatised) adventure game designer. And the first legend to be subjected to the Back Seat Designers’ misplaced love is Monkey Island designer Ron Gilbert.

Over the course of ~50 minutes, the Back Seat Designers discuss Ron Gilbert’s body of work, including Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, The Cave, his weight loss (?!) and the recently Kickstarted Thimbleweed Park. Topping it all off, they also attempt to play a game invented by Frederik called Baldwinian Roulette. Because, actually, it’s about ethics in games journalism.

S1E10 – O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

Is death necessary in an adventure game? What does it add to – or detract from – the experience? After an involuntary hiatus, the Back Seat Designers explore this subject in all its gory, with their trademark share of digression and clowning around included for good measure.

S1E9 – LucasArts Is Back! (Kind Of)

In a very special ~1 hour episode, the Back Seat Designers celebrate the release of LucasArts games on GOG.com by going down the line of the old LucasArts adventure game library and waxing at length about what they hope might be in store for us in the future.

S1E8 – Pet Peeves

What pisses you off? The Back Seat Designers know what pisses them off. It’s not the games themselves, but rather the little mechanisms in some games that just doesn’t gel. With Gabriel Knight: 20th Anniversary Edition fresh in their minds, but with no disrespect to Phoenix Online Studios intended, the Back Seat Designers tackle logic puzzles, missing running animations, clear goals and much more.