S1E5 – Underrated Pleasures

We’ve all had one of those guilty pleasures: Playing a game that we know, deep in our hearts, is fucking awful, but we can’t help but love it — for one reason or another. The Back Seat Designers go through their closets and admit to their guilty pleasures: Adventure games that they either find criminally underrated, or, more likely, that are justifiably reviled but that they cannot help but enjoy.

S1E4 – What Scares You?

Some people like to be scared, and it’s an art to create something that truly scares the audience. What works and what doesn’t? The Back Seat Designers talk truly scary moments in adventure games — and some that tried but failed. And there’s a special challenge to all game dev’s at the end!

S1E3 – Moon Logic

Ever been playing an adventure game where you have no idea what the fuck the game wants you to do, and when you find the solution, possibly by complete accident, you sit back and wonder just what the hell the designers were smoking? The Back Seat Designers have. And they talk about their “favourite” examples of this, as well as examples of games who did it right.

S1E2 – Open World Adventure Gaming

“Open world gaming” is one of those buzzwords that gets everyone excited. How is that conducive to traditional storytelling, or interactive storytelling, or whatever gets the Back Seat Designers’ piss boiling? Can you follow a strict narrative with a beginning/middle/end and still have an open world to explore?

S1E1 – Sierra is Back! Yay?

Following the announcement that Sierra has been brought back from the ashes to release new games by “edgy” indie developers, the Back Seat Designers discuss the merits of this new resurrection and what this means for the adventure game genre.

Report of announcement from Ars Technica: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2014/08/sierra-games-returns-with-new-kings-quest-and-geometry-wars-titles/