AdventureX 2016 – The “Lost” Documentary

While at AdventureX 2016, we ran around with a camera and attempted to make a documentary of the event. It was our first time at an adventure game convention, and we really wanted to capture the spirit, mood, and the general awesomeness of it all.

We even had a grand plan — like, a bullet list of things we were going to do. It was two pages long.

We ended up doing almost none of that.

When we got home, Fred cobbled together the bits and pieces of what was on the camera and produced what you now see before you: the “lost” documentary — the “lost” part referring to our collective minds, apparently.

AdventureX Special #2: Our post-orgasmic reflections

So, yeah. We went to AdventureX. We had a good time. I think that about does it, doesn’t it?

No, actually, it doesn’t. We had an absolute blast. We came back from it so inspired and fired up. Fred got off his ass and finished the talkie version of that game we worked on last year. I launched myself headfirst into planning my game. And Gareth, presumably, learned to love again.

So we convened, as we had threatened to do before the convention, to reminisce and talk about what we learned, who we learned it from, and who might conceivably never speak to us again.

Sit back and watch our holiday snapshots like a good grandson on YouTube (just kidding, there are no pictures, just endless talking):

There’s also the audio version at the bottom of this post — which, if you were a subscriber, you’d probably already know, as it would have ticked into your podcast listening app of choice already.

While we were at the convention, it quickly became apparent that we weren’t going to do all the things we said we were going to do, camera-wise. Like, film a documentary of any substantial value, or actually get any interviews with anyone done. I did record one interview with Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt (Lancelot’s Hangover) outside the convention hall, but, oh magic of wonders, the phone didn’t record it properly, and all I got was a video of me laughing and hugging him, saying, “That was awesome.” Which it was. But you’ll never know just how awesome it was.

But we did manage to film some things, and Fred is off in the editing suite trying to make sense of the mess of short clips from the camera we brought (thanks, EvilDonut!), and my phone. The result of that should be out any time soon, barring unforeseen incidents such as Fred stabbing himself in the thigh in a manic episode.

By the way, it’s official: Season 4 of the Back Seat Designers show is starting in January 2017! We don’t want to jinx it, but we’re already in the talks with some very interesting, cool people about coming on the show. Yep, we’re continuing on the path we started with our off-season specials. So that’s going to be cool — more on that as details develop.

But for now, enjoy this retrospective of this year’s AdventureX, and look forward to the video documentary coming out soon-ish. Unless Fred is already dead. Fred? … Yeah, he’s not answering; I’m sure he’s just concentrating really hard.

AdventureX Special #1: Hopes, dreams and anticipation

Next weekend, all three of us — Gareth, Frederik and myself — will be in London at Goldsmiths University, participating in this year’s AdventureX conference.

That’s right, we’ll be alongside greats such as Charles Cecil, Dave Gilbert, Theodore Waern, Richard Cobbett, Rhianna Pratchett, and — lest we forget — Natalie “Resulka” Juhasz, one of the few people we know who can outdo us when it comes to filthy jokes.

We are all terribly excited, since we’ve never gone before. So we thought we’d make a very big deal out of it by recording a podcast show before and after the event, and making a documentary-style video at the event itself.

This is the first of those shows — as chronology dictates, the “pre-event” show — wherein we try not to talk politics or Toblerone, but instead look over the schedule of speakers and exhibitors, and wax longingly about how we think it’s all going to go down.

Seriously. Don't mention the Toblerone.
Seriously. Don’t mention the Toblerone.

A bit rambly, of course, because we didn’t really plan to talk about anything other than that. I mean, that’s literally the brief we gave each other: “Let’s just talk about what we anticipate will happen.” Somehow, we still managed to get around 45 minutes out of it.

Behold with your eyes and ears on YouTube:

Or, if you prefer to use only your ears, the audio version is at the bottom of this post.

If you happen to be in London next weekend (19th/20th November), do consider dropping by and saying hello! It’s free to attend the event. There’s details on their website: … maybe it’s Oh, I see. That’s probably why we don’t do capital letters in URLs. Anyway, it’s over here:

We’ll see you on the other side when we do our “post-event” show — almost called it the “post-coital” show — and, hopefully not too long after the event, our special “three dumbasses at a convention” documentary on YouTube. Cheers!

Never forget.
Never forget.