S4 “Memorial Episode”


A fortnight ago we released the final episode of Season 4, in which Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt and “San” Francisco Gonzales talked at length about adventure game communities before the brutal and horrible murder of the regular hosts.

Fred, Troels and Gareth shall be missed.

That wasn’t our first attempt to record that episode.

On the evening of 8 May, we arranged to chat with Jean-Baptiste. But a serious of unfortunate events around scheduling and Belgian internet – presumably powered by waffles, moules frites and beer – meant that we had to “gg” on that particular venture.

The basis of “l’internet belge”.

But we met up again on the Thursday, roped in Francisco, et voilà! Comedy bronze. The Danes asked Millie to cut out the worst bits and pop it on the internets. So we he I did.

This, then, is about an hour’s worth of “content” (the loosest ever use of that particular word) which will include – but is not limited to:

  • The differences between different internet communities
  • Japanese robot Star Wars
  • European time zones and the vagueries of “daylight savings”
  • Virginia Capers

This is a bit of an insight into our “creative process” (the loosest ever use of that particular term). Each week, our Patreon backers get a snippet of this sort of thing, usually ranging from about 5 minutes to half an hour. USUALLY, despite our lack of professionalism, our “green room” ramblings are kept short by having an actual show to record. But this week… this week, sadly, not.

The Back Seat Designers will return in winter 2017/18.

S4E11 – A Fucked Up Stick Figure Looking Game That Doesn’t Make Any Sense

The history of computer games. A list of one fucking game after another leading to perfection – King’s Quest V.

We have pushed this view of history for a long time on this show. But apparently there’s another way to look at things. To put us straight, we phoned up Laine Nooney and asked her to explain what we’ve been doing wrong.

As the historian of the group, I was asked to mediate the discussion. Which was a good call, since it only took her five minutes to chastise Troels for his terrible jokes about academics. She was right to do so. And we all thank her for it.

What Troels can see on his Skype call screen – while getting a SICK BURN, BRO

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S4E3 – Am I in a Liberal Circle Jerk Right Now?

The apocalypse is really bad this time.

We’re pretty used to political narratives in books, films and songs. But what about narrative gaming? Plenty of people have certainly given it a go – with mixed results. We talk to someone who is currently trying her hand at it.

She WILL fight you. And she will win.

Laney Berry, the creator of The St. Christopher’s School Lockdown joins us to talk about how political narratives can be played out in games. We discuss: how to get across nuance without being preachy; empathising with those who would disagree with you; and things you can and can’t do through this particular medium.

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S4E1 – Big Motherfuckers with Flamethrowers

You weren’t expecting that title were you?


Because this episode is about subverting expectations.

Our very special guest this week is Steve Gaynor of the Fullbright Company, perhaps best known as the writer and designer of the award-winning Gone Homeone of the best adventure games of recent years. He’s also done level design on games such as Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite.

In short, he’s too good for this show. And we’re very thankful to have been able to spend an hour in his company.

Even his headshot is too good for us.

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S4 Preview – Soundboard of Doom

So, as we may have already said, the new season of Back Seat Designers starts tomorrow. I can tell you’re excited.

To get you in the mood – and while teasing who our guest might be – we peel back the curtain and show you exactly the sort of crap we have to cut out of our Skype recordings to get these episodes to you.

In this scene, Millward discovers that Pleimert and Olsen have left a bunch of voice clips on our shared Google drive folder. Rather than leaving these alone (because we’re about to talk to a serious game developer), he decides to play each of them in sequence. Pleimert seems more worried about connecting with the guest. Olsen is more interested in egging Millward on.

Again – the season starts tomorrow. Expect regular episodes on Sundays for the next few weeks. We’ll have a few special guests, and possibly a few rants at various topical topics. Enjoy!