BSD – Season 3

After having been sidetracked with two seasons of Open Crowd Source, Fred and Troels decided it was time to do another season of the “main” show at the start of 2016.

Having worked with Gareth on the two seasons of OCS, a strenuous campaign to persuade him to join as a full-time BSD’er was set in motion. Initially resistant, Gareth finally caved and joined as the 3rd season of Back Seat Designers as a regular host.

Dramatic reenactment of convincing Gareth to join full-time.

With Hangouts causing all sorts of problems that went against the “low-effort” credo in season 2, the decision was made to use Skype to record the episodes of season 3. Video episodes would still be made for the YouTube page, but they would consist entirely of a still image with the audio episode playing underneath.

The topics covered were still squarely about adventure games, but other genres of computer and video games were starting to creep into the conversation.

With a third host in the mix, conversations also tended to run a bit longer than usual. For that reason, all the episodes of season 3 also came with a “bonus episode” (the so-called After Dark episodes), which continued the discussion of the “main” episode in a slightly more unhinged fashion. These After Dark episodes were originally intended as a Patreon exclusive thing, but were deemed “too good” by three hosts with questionable taste and inflated egos, so they were instead released on the YouTube page for all to listen to.

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