BSD – Season 2

With the 1st season being met with surprisingly positive reactions, Fred and Troels reconvened to do season 2 of the show after a short break in March 2015. The choice was made to move beyond the lo-fi world of recording phone calls, for two reasons:

  1. It was unpredictable as shit. (See: season 1 summary.)
  2. The audio quality was more shit than they’d anticipated.

The decision was made to use Google Hangouts as the new method of taping the show episodes. This meant that the episodes could be streamed live as they were being taped on the BSD YouTube profile, complete with actual moving, talking heads of the two hosts.

We should have realized our mistake sooner.

It also meant that listeners could interact live via the newly created IRC channel, which would come into greater use when the first season of Open Crowd Source was produced shortly after the 2nd season.

Hangouts was originally chosen because it sounded like it would live up to the credo of having the show be as “low-effort” as possible. The opposite turned out to be true. While taping the shows was a relatively easy affair, appending the newly-created video intro made by Chris Giegerich meant that Troels had to download the episode from YouTube once taping had finished, add the intro in Adobe Premiere, then re-export the video and re-upload the episode. Every single time.

It was therefore decided to abandon Hangouts in favor of something much less cumbersome in future seasons.

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