BSD – Season 1

The first season of Back Seat Designers was released between August and December in 2014, and was hosted by Troels and Frederik. It was done as a lo-fi, low-effort alternative to the Space Quest Historian podcast.

Its purpose was two-fold:

  • To talk about something else than just Space Quest.
  • To be able to swear freely (as the publisher of the SQH podcast mandated that curse words be bleeped).

The premise was simple: Troels would phone up Fred — on his mobile phone, since it wasn’t a long-distance call — and record the call using a call recorder app. Whatever came out of that call would then be released as an episode with no edits. Because edits = effort, and Troels was very adamant there be no effort involved.

File photo of the taping of a season 1 episode in progress.

Brandon Blume, composer for Infamous Quests, did an appropriately lo-fi, 8-bit-ish theme tune. This tune has since stuck as the main theme throughout all subsequent seasons.

The limits of the lo-fi approach of calling up on an actual phone became apparent when the aforementioned call recorder app would fail to save the recording. This happened one time after a particularly rousing 45 minute call that we were looking very much forward to releasing as an episode, but — to our horror — had failed to record at all.

And so, the decision was made to use slightly more reliable technology for season 2.

Listen to season 1