S4 “Memorial Episode”

S4 “Memorial Episode”


A fortnight ago we released the final episode of Season 4, in which Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt and “San” Francisco Gonzales talked at length about adventure game communities before the brutal and horrible murder of the regular hosts.

Fred, Troels and Gareth shall be missed.

That wasn’t our first attempt to record that episode.

On the evening of 8 May, we arranged to chat with Jean-Baptiste. But a serious of unfortunate events around scheduling and Belgian internet – presumably powered by waffles, moules frites and beer – meant that we had to “gg” on that particular venture.

The basis of “l’internet belge”.

But we met up again on the Thursday, roped in Francisco, et voilà! Comedy bronze. The Danes asked Millie to cut out the worst bits and pop it on the internets. So we he I did.

This, then, is about an hour’s worth of “content” (the loosest ever use of that particular word) which will include – but is not limited to:

  • The differences between different internet communities
  • Japanese robot Star Wars
  • European time zones and the vagueries of “daylight savings”
  • Virginia Capers

This is a bit of an insight into our “creative process” (the loosest ever use of that particular term). Each week, our Patreon backers get a snippet of this sort of thing, usually ranging from about 5 minutes to half an hour. USUALLY, despite our lack of professionalism, our “green room” ramblings are kept short by having an actual show to record. But this week… this week, sadly, not.

The Back Seat Designers will return in winter 2017/18.

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