S4E15 – A Strange, Erotic Journey from Milan to Minsk: A Phat Paradigm Post-Mortem

S4E15 – A Strange, Erotic Journey from Milan to Minsk: A Phat Paradigm Post-Mortem

One of the wonderful perks of getting noticed more and more for our juvenile microphone antics is that we sometimes get approached by actual game designers, who will ask us if we’re interested in featuring their game on the podcast. (That was essentially how last week’s episode came together, too.)

But way back before we even started featuring guests on this show, Troels had latched, leech-like, onto another gentleman, who was in the process of single-handedly creating Paradigm, a surreal comedy adventure game.

Through this parasitic interaction, we were all able to jump onto the back of one Jacob Janerka (pronounced “J’nøöœrka”), like the filthy parasites we are. Troels lured Jacob into appearing in a deliciously twisted episode of Open Crowd Source, and Jacob subsequently invited his favourite podcasting brosephinos to test his game. Incidentally, never ever call your wife or girlfriend (or both, you cheating piece of shit) “brosephino.”

Given that we’ve been privileged to test the game since the early alpha stage, and have all enjoyed it immensely, it made sense to invite Jacob onto this show as well, for a jolly old Paradigm post-mortem.

We weren’t involved quite as far back as this, though.

Over the course of 80 minutes, we grilled the man for the myths and legends, and insights into the creative process, offering our own views on what has changed since we first played the game. It was great fun, even if poor Jacob’s sleep has taken a beating now that his brainchild has finally seen release. You can listen to the episode here, or below this post:

We got parodied

Finally, there is one more bit of audio to share with you, cause shortly after recording this episode, we were honoured to learn we’ve been lovingly and accurately parodied by Francisco Gonzalez (of bitter rival podcast Blue Cup Tools), another good friend of ours.

We’re even considering having him replace us for the next season, now that he’s got the parts nailed. Listen to the parody here.

But, for now, we’ll just see ya’ll next week, brosephinos!

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