S4E14 – What Is the Safe Word?

S4E14 – What Is the Safe Word?

We’re back from our mid-season break. Today, we’re interviewing Marcus, Matthias, and Tristan of Backwoods Entertainment, creators of the upcoming mystery adventure game Unforeseen Incidents.

It’s a mystery game in several ways. First of all, the story in itself is a mystery, as in it’s one of those stories you’re thrust into that gradually unfolds with twists and turns that you hopefully wouldn’t expect. Second of all, it is a genuine mystery to all of us, as the Backwoods guys didn’t want to ruin said mystery by talking about it on the show.

That makes sense, of course. But it also meant that, going in, we had no idea what the game was about. All we knew about the game was that it has very, very pretty graphics:

The sketchy art style is what caught our eyes.

Our main focus for this episode, therefore, was to talk art style. What made them go for this very stylized, hand-drawn-looking type graphics?

We didn’t just have the graphic artist on board for this episode. We had the entire company. So, inevitably, the discussion also ventured into other areas, such as music, or that all-important question: how does it actually play?

Pictured: the entire Backwoods company.

So, for an episode that was ostensibly about art design in graphic adventure games, it ended up being more of an all-round episode about game development in general. By the end of it, we simply had to invite these guys back for a repeat appearance once their game was out, so we could talk in detail about it.

Behold with your eyes (but mostly ears) the episode on YouTube:

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Finally, an apology to our Patrons for not having an exclusive for this show. This episode was actually delayed a bit because Gareth, who edits the shows because no one else can be bothered to, was at a conference in France this week, and actually got caught in the middle of a terrorist attack. We feel that’s about the best excuse he’s ever come up with for not getting shit done on time. Next week will see the return of the Patreon exclusives.

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