S4E13 – I Quit

S4E13 – I Quit

Startling news and revelations! One of the Back Seat Designers quits on the air! And, for some reason, we didn’t stop recording, kept going, edited, and released the episode anyway!

Well, of course it’s just a joke, because we really are quite terrible at pretending on this show. The joke about me selling t-shirts was a criticism that was hilariously levelled at me in the SpaceVenture Kickstarter comments (that I was just in it to sell crappy SQH t-shirts from my Zazzle shop — which, incidentally, I don’t make any money from). My co-hosts seemed to relish the opportunity to freely insult me for a few minutes, and it was fun to just play the sort of selfish, money-grubbing bastard I really, truly hate.

It was sort of a last-minute attempt to frame the fact that we’re going on a short two-week mid-season break from the show in a humorous context. We’ll be back on April 23rd with a new show.

What follows is what was supposed to be a short retrospective of how far we’ve come since the first season of the show — not in a self-congratulatory sort of way, but more of a “we can’t believe how lucky we are these days” kind of way. And at the same time explain the origins of the show to newcomers who don’t feel like going back and listening to the show from the beginning.

Of course, it’s a difficult balance to tread, so maybe we do get a little bit self-aggrandizing at times. It’s not that we think we’re hot shit or anything. We still have much to learn. But it took us two years and four seasons of the show (not including two more seasons of our spin-off not-a-game-show) to get to a point where we feel the dynamics and content of the show have reached a standard that we’re actually happy with.

So, as you may have guessed, there is no special guest on for this episode. There’s just us, reminiscing about the past for a while. So it’s also a shorter episode than normal.

We will be back to continue season 4 in two weeks with a new episode — and, yes, another special guest — so I hope you’ll join us then.

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