S3E12 – Remakes and Reimagining

S3E12 – Remakes and Reimagining

Why come up with an original idea when you can slap a new coat of paint on an old one?


OK, perhaps that’s a bit cynical. It’s not as if this is a new thing. Even Oul Ken Williams knew that remakes were a way to make a quick buck. And Oul Ken Williams was a flawless genius.

And besides. There’s actually good examples of remastered games that have brought the classics to new audiences. (Or, at the very least, allowed us to play those creaky old games on new systems.) And let’s spare a thought for the detailed fan remakes, that add new technologies while keeping all the things that made us love those games in the first place.


Yeah, yeah. We didn’t love Kings Quest. But we loved the remake! I bet even Oul Ken himself would like it.

The days of a great product being built in a garage are pretty much behind us. There might be some opportunity on mobile devices, which are gutless, but generally speaking, it takes many millions of dollars to build a world-class game. Anything less than that is a waste of time and effort. It is flattering, but … it is not likely to make anyone money. I always supported the fan products, and thought they were cool, but … I also typically encouraged people to put their energy into something that had a chance to make money.


Fucking hell, Ken. Bit of a buzzkill. Jesus.


Right. This week we’re discussing remakes, remasters, reimaginings and all sorts of “re”ing that means that old games get transformed into new products. We have a look at some that went well, some that didn’t go so well, and some that we’d like to see.

The episode took a lot out of us. Hell. The season has taken a lot out of us. Thanks to all those who have tuned in (all 43 of you), and especially those who threw us a couple of < INSERT YOU LOCAL CURRENCY HERE > via the Patreon page. I appreciate it. Fred looks upon you fondly. And Troels has yet to actively take steps against you.

You can check our After Death episode by downloading or watching this fine video presentation.

(Download the After Death)

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