Open Crowd Source S2E7 – Richard Cobbett

Iiiiiit’s Chriiiiiiistmaaaaaas. And we couldn’t let that go. No, in true Back Seat Designers fashion, we ran that theme right into the ground.

We had to make some schedule alterations due to Gareth being unable to read his diary. But thankfully our guest actually wanted to be on the show. We’re as surprised as you. Yes, Richard Cobbett, games journalist and designer very graciously gave up his time. And – I think it’s fair to say – took the design brief and went absolutely hog wild with it. Or Turducken wild, in this case.

This show was suitably festive from the get-go, thanks to our resident technician Fred. The theme tune got sleigh bells (thanks to Thomas Arnt Jensen); the buzzers were Père Noëlised (the sample of Santa falling down the chimney was made by Tiger_v15); and there was some hard-core fivegoldringification of our “iconic” Open Crowd Source machine imagery (Lone Jensen’s handiwork, that).


We also had festive cards for the machine. And, you know what? We LOVE giving out Christmas cards. So. Here you go. The XML file so you can build your own festive game at home.

But enough of this. WATCH THE SHOW!!!

A few points of trivia. First, Troels’ internet connection had clearly been on a bender. It’s the last Friday before Christmas, so everyone is out drinking. Perhaps his ISP has too. Try to get past the lag. And if it looks like people are talking over each other (more than usual), this is almost certainly the cause. That and alcohol. There was some of that swilling around too.

Also – if Fred looks like he’s just won the lottery after the cards were drawn, it’s because he really, really wanted “and a partridge in a pear tree” to be played. Like, srsly. To the point where he threatened to fix the deck so it came out. He assures us he didn’t. We’re not convinced. Still, it did lead to the invention of the greatest end boss in gaming history. We can’t complain too much.

I think that’s everything. Thanks all for watching this season, and massive props to all the guests we had on. We literally couldn’t have done it with out you. (+1 XP for correct use of the word literally)

Troels and Fred will be back in the new year with a new series of Back Seat Designers. Gareth may join them. He hasn’t been paid enough from this season to make a firm commitment.

Merry Christmas. And gawd bless us. Every one!


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