Open Crowd Source S2E6 – Chris Ushko

Three makes a perfect pair, so it makes sense that we would have three episodes in which the guest wound up being someone else than we had originally planned. It’s always a pleasure to have people on the show, however, and this week was no exception, as we introduced our old friend Chris Ushko to the Open Crowd Source Machine. Or Da Ush, as he’s known in this side of the hood. Which reminds me, I seem to have turned my trusty gangsta translation device off… *click*

Now, tonight, we n’ Da Ush have prepared a sick lil session fo’ you, biatch. Da Open Crowd Source Machine dealt our asses a mad weird set of cards, which had our asses somewhat blindsided at first yo, but ultimately hustled ta our asses comin up wit a odd, disjointed farce bout a dominatrix whoz ass literally has ta whip an ex-Nazi pedeatrician tha fuck into shape. Da Ush’s dirty ass even contributed cover art ta our sickest fuckin masterpiece:

Just Enough Germany
Da dawg gets me every last muthafuckin time.

As surreal as tha scam was, some straight-up bangin-ass scams straight-up came outta our lil jam fo’ realz. And real game found another way ta fuck me over, as mah laptop suddenly lost all internizzle connectivitizzle durin tha stream. Da OCS Machine computer, however, kept going. Sick try, Google.

Anyway, you can view our asses bein terribly witty here:

(Click to watch on YouTube)

Da audio-only version be available all up in tha bottom of dis page – though you lose up on Chris’ sketch of tha maze near tha climax of tha game, n’ tha bewildered facial expression of yours truly as mah connection is lost mid-sentence.

We truly grateful fo’ Chris steppin up ta tha plate as our plans fo’ a AdventureX special fell tha fuck apart earlier dis month, n’ our slick asses lookin forward ta wrappin up season 2 wit steez wit Slick Rick Cobbett on Fridizzle 18! Peep our YallTube channel fo’ local times. Peace out.

… this is why I don’t listen to hip-hop…

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