We Done Kicked ‘Em Out

You may have noticed that Troels and I have semeed a bit absent for the past two weeks, which is fairly unusual for us. True, we did manage to record an episode during that timespan, but otherwise, our minds have indeed been elsewhere.

The reason for the radio silence is, of course, that we both participated in AdventureJam, for which I also did some plugging before the kickoff. The Jam came to an end a couple of days ago, so again, we steer our proverbial ships towards more Back Seat Designers goodness. But before, we do, allow me to plug the respective games we worked on, and spam you with more links than your average Wikipedia article.

Troels went off on his own to do a disturbingly retro-photorealistic little game called “What’s In the Safe?”. I’ve yet to actually play it – we’ll get to the reasons in a minute – but the soundtrack sounds great and Troels appears to have used the urban decay of downtown Roskilde to great effect. I’m looking forward to playing it.

Along with that, we were both involved in a collaborative clusterfuck entitled“Late Last Nite”.  Troels and I both did some puzzle design and writing, and I also did the music and helped out with programming, which pretty much barred me from even considering looking at any other games while the jam was on.

Joining us for the ride were Jess Morrissette (the “Pledge Quest” series), Chris Ushko (“Space Quest Incinerations” and The Silver Lining”), Jess Beebe (“Adventure: The Inside Job” and “Adventure: All in the Game”), Gareth Millward (the mastermind behind the reality-bending Pete Toleman) and Natalie Juhasz (ReVenture Games). The people on this all-star adventure game roster have collided and collaborated in various ways before, but I won’t bore you with the details. We will, in fact, be doing a proper postmortem on “Late Last Nite”  at some point in the near future where I’ll be doing just that.

tl;dr I urge you to check out our respective games, the past work of our collaborators and the other 85 games entered into the jam. In the meantime, we’ll be working out the how, when and what of the next episode of Back Seat Designers. As always, watch this space for more info!

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