Back Seat Designers return with “BSD Plays”: Our Very Own Audio-Swapped KQ5

We finally got our heads out of our collective rectums long enough to plan when to start up the show again, and we’re kicking things off with a bang.

You may have noticed our somewhat unhealthy obsession with Cedric the Owl and the audio-swapped KQ5 video on YouTube. You may also have noticed that we’re not just going to do the normal (semi-)weekly show of us talking, but also a (semi-)monthly show of us playing a game together. We call these special shows “BSD Plays.”

Our triumphant return for season 2 kicks off with an episode of “BSD Plays” where we will be playing our very own audio-swapped version of King’s Quest V.

Thanks to Andrew “Collector” Branscom’s fabulous audio swapping utility, we plan to make a brand new audio swap that none of us have heard before, and then play it live on the air. Much guffawing and nonsense will follow.

For those interested in seeing what kind of scraps this will lead us into, set your fancy digital watches to Saturday, March 7th at these times. You’ll be able to watch this shit go down live, if you so choose, but it will of course be archived on our YouTube page for later viewing. The above link is for the YouTube-stream, but you can also check it out on Google+, if that’s your thing.

These “BSD Plays” episodes are video-only, so they won’t show up in your podcast listening devices – for reasons that should be plainly obvious. (Listening to someone playing a computer game that you can’t see = not our idea of fun.)

Feb. 25 update: Added time-and-date announcement for different time zones.

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