S4E11 – A Fucked Up Stick Figure Looking Game That Doesn’t Make Any Sense

The history of computer games. A list of one fucking game after another leading to perfection – King’s Quest V.

We have pushed this view of history for a long time on this show. But apparently there’s another way to look at things. To put us straight, we phoned up Laine Nooney and asked her to explain what we’ve been doing wrong.

As the historian of the group, I was asked to mediate the discussion. Which was a good call, since it only took her five minutes to chastise Troels for his terrible jokes about academics. She was right to do so. And we all thank her for it.

What Troels can see on his Skype call screen – while getting a SICK BURN, BRO

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S4E10 [TEN] – This Is Brown Note Territory

Background music in fiction is something we tend to take for granted. That’s not to do say it’s not appreciated. It very often is. But how often do you sit down in front of a game and consider what dramatic impact the music has because it sounds exactly like it does? We’re going to return to the adventure game fan favourite DOOM yet another time for an example:

Consider what difference the music makes in the video above. Bobby Prince’s sweet metal score for the PC original has caused its share of sweaty teenage headbanging. It tells the story of a psyched lone wolf who’s out to kick ass and spit bubblegum at whatever hellish cannon fodder his boomstick should blow to bits.

The music for the PlayStation port tells a very different tale. Evil lurks around every corner. Outgunned and outmanned, you clutch your weak pistol and begin your descent through a demonic onslaught of Lovecraftian proportions, against which you have little to no hope. Sort of how I felt when I had to duke it out with the Danish public transportation system to make the episode recording in time (which I didn’t).

The latter, nightmarish soundtrack was brewed up by this week’s guest: Aubrey Hodges.

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Bonus: Tom Hall’s Commander Keen levels in Super Mario Maker

If you’ve listened all the way to the end of our episode with Tom Hall, you may have noticed he talked about having made a Commander Keen level in Super Mario Maker. We promised Tom we’d link to those levels in the episode’s blog post, and … did we remember to do that? No. No, of course we didn’t.

So, with apologies to the always-phenomenal Tom, here’s some extra content for you cool kids out there: Tom Hall’s “Keen Mario” level, as well as some bonus levels by Tom.

(Of course, you’re going to need one of those Nintendo-ish things — the WiiU or 3DS — and a copy of Super Mario Maker to play these.)

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S4E9 [NINE] – I Was Left With a Whole Bunch of Digitized Nazis and a Thing to Explain

It’s sort of amazing how positive things will converge at random times. The entire guest roster for this season makes us all warm and fuzzy inside, but once in a while, a very special guest will say yes to partake in our shenanigans.

Truthfully, we admire every single person we invite to join us here, but certain guests transcend mere admiration. They’ve been with us since our childhoods. Their work is part of our respective DNA. In layman’s terms, they’re fucking heroes.

One such person is the mastermind behind the Commander Keen series, Rise of the Triad, Anachronox, and the ever-present Dopefish: Tom Hall.

“Damn, the British one just won’t stop yammering…”

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S4E8 – I Was Surprised You Were 16

There are certain topics you should not trust a partly Danish conglomeration with. Global warming is one, but the one topic that really stirs up controversy is religion. We’ve never actively tried to shy away from controversy on the show, but when you suddenly find yourself soliciting guest appearances from some of the coolest people in the games industry, you quickly realise that you want to entertain, and not actually offend. “With great power comes great responsibility,” as the gentleman on the boxes of parboiled rice once remarked.

However, in this age of snowflakes, it’s important to note that not all people are easily offended. One guy who isn’t easily offended happens to be a friend of ours, as well as a Christian. Namely the creator of Dropsy and part-time scarf master, Jay Tholen:

Disclaimer: Jay is the one who doesn’t look like a complete idiot.

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